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What we do
We develop software for simulating quantum-photonic devices - such as quantum dot-based single-photon sources - with applications chiefly in quantum computing and quantum communications.
Our software is underpinned by an original and proprietary general methodology, developed by us from first principles for modelling interaction of light pulses with matter. Two key distinguishing features of our methodology are that it does not rely on approximations, and that it can handle ultra-short pulses and coherent interactions. The purpose of our software is essentially to save time and resources in the design of quantum-optical devices, by eliminating the need to carry out repeated experiments to test and optimise real, physical prototypes.
Who we are
Quantopticon Ltd. is founded and directed by Dr Gaby Slavcheva and Dr Mirella Koleva.
Dr Slavcheva is a theoretical physicist with a two-decade experience in optoelectronics research and device modelling. She invented the methodology underlying the software almost 10 years ago. Dr Koleva is a recent PhD graduate, specialising in optics and photonics, who helped Dr Slavcheva generalise the code implementation in order to apply for quantum systems with an arbitrary number of energy levels.
What we are aiming for
We are currently seeking funding in order to accelerate our software and repackage it into an intuitive, user-friendly form. This will allow us eventually to make it commercially available to academia and industry.
If you would like more information about how our software can be useful to you, please write to us on info@quantopticon.co.uk